Saturday 28 October 2017


15h00 Opening of the restaurant
16h00 «trip to one thousand and one fairy tales» spectacle and circus show
17h00 snack offered to children
17h15 Disco kids
19h30 improvisation show
21h30 The Long John Brothers
23h00 DJ



Deirdre Foster and the Coquino circus
Performance Language is French

Deirdre Foster
Deirdre Foster is a professional storyteller based in Geneva. She tells traditional and untraditional tales, myths, legends… and is particularly inspired by the imaginary that the tales bring to our lives. and will take us on a trip to the fairy tales accompanied by the students of the Coquino circus school.

The circus school Coquino
The Coquino circus school has been based in Morges since 2005 and has more than 400 students. It offers courses and internships primarily aimed at children from 5 years old to teenagers. The circus also runs a course for adults. Its directors Frédéric and Sylvie Klink have thus surrounded themselves with professionals from the circus world to offer courses of high quality. Regularly they create shows where students and teachers present together the full extent of their talents.



the troupe of Stand’impro will have the pleasure to perform a show for young and old. You can give them your favourite songs and our improvisers will parody them spontaneously before your eyes. Or rewrite the story for your favourite hero! Laughs and good humour guaranteed.

The comedians:
Cécile Bellet
Bérénice Calame
Damien Biton
Gilles Faivre

How do the actors do it? To find out, you’ll have to come and see them.
Performance Language is French



Strings, wood and music descended from the Appalachians to the Great Plains, interspersed with vocals from an acoustic country and gospel choir. The Long John Brothers have been playing throughout Geneva and its surroundings since 2015. They make the Bluegrass, an acoustic, folk music and completely unbridled originating in Kentucky, in the United States.

Sylvain Demierre : Guitar, vocals
Mathieu Epiney : Banjo
Sylvain Merminod : Double Bass
Jean-Michel Pache : Mandolin, vocals
Olivier Uldry : Dobro